"I knew I matured when I realized every situation doesn’t need a reaction. Sometimes you just have to leave people to continue to do the lame shit that they do."

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"Hindi lahat ng nagpapakita ng kabaitan, mabait. Madalas, mapag panggap lang."

-king, 2014
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"Most of the time, love ain’t enough."

5 years above relationship

During this stage, no more fling and sweety moments. To the point that you will ask yourself, “Mahal ko pa ba siya?

You’ll definitely consider long term security. Hindi na pwede yung basta gwapo/maganda. You’ll tend to think that, “is s/he the one?”

Until you figure out that, IT’S NOT WORKING ALREADY.

Nasanay ka na lang na nandiyan siya. Ayaw mo na lang ng hassle kaya ayaw mo makipag hiwalay.

Until you find someone who made your heart pound again.

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Life after college

6 months after I graduated, I’m now working in a construction company. There are times i’m still looking for a classroom setting set-up where the professors are having lecture and while i take down notes.

When you are in your mid-college life, you are very much eager to work. But in reality, if you are already working, you’ll definitely say “Mas masarap magaral

When you’re already working, you tend to have more responsibilities. Unlike if you’re a student, your only responsibility is to study.

Dealing with workmates ain’t easy. If you’re in an office set-up, there are people who are older than you, sometimes because you’re to respectful and diligent, they tend to bully you around by giving you a lot of work. Worst, give you work loads that are meant for them to do. On the other way around, if you’re a student, you only deal with people who are in the same age as yours. and you will tend to be more comfortable.

They’ll always say, “may chismosa anywhere you go”. It’s somewhat true but severe cases of chismosas are in the office. It is because you see your co-workers everyday and they tend to know you better.

You can’t work comfortably and freely. You tend to become cautious on your actions. That’s life in the office.

The only competition in school depends on the grades you’ll have. There are no other things you need to consider with your classmates. While if you’re a working person, you have to consider your workmates who are with your company for more than 5 years.

I just miss school. I want to to study more. I want to learn more.

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Good afternoon din po :))

Saturday morning

Not such a good morning. Siguro sa kakapanood ko ng The Legal Wife, nanaginip ako na nagchecheat daw ako sa boyfriend ko.
In fact, I feel like cheating by talking to another guy. And I hate it.
Di ko maamin sa other guy na yun that I have someone. I always say, chill lang ako.

My baby sister can’t stop crying. I don’t know what’s happening to her but I feel terrible whenever i hear her. :(

Thanks God for having a good vacation in our province. Childhood memories were regain after going through that places.
For some, Ilocos is just some tourist spot to visit. But for me, it is more than that.

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